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Public Safety

We provide public safety agencies with a versatile and agile toolset for efficient emergency response, incident management, and proactive safety measures. Capture aerial data, provide real-time situational awareness, and access hard-to-reach areas.


Search & Rescue

UAV's equipped with cameras and thermal imaging sensors can aid in search and rescue missions. They can cover large areas quickly, locate missing people or objects, and provide real-time situational awareness to rescue teams. Thermal imaging capabilities are especially useful for locating individuals in low-light or obscured environments.


Identify hotspots, assess fire behavior, and provide crucial data to firefighters on the ground. From post-disaster damage assessment, enabling efficient resource allocation and recovery efforts.

Disaster Management

Monitor large gatherings, public events, or protests, providing valuable situational awareness to law enforcement agencies. Capture aerial footage, monitor crowd movements, and assist in managing potential security threats or identifying individuals involved in criminal activities.

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