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BVLOS Certification

Master the intricacies of BVLOS operations with InfinitDrones' specialized training program, designed to equip you with the expertise to conduct safe, compliant flights and navigate the SORA process for successful SFOC applications in Canada and the USA.

Your Pathway to Mastery

BVLOS Certification

Unlock the full potential of drone technology with InfinitDrones' premier BVLOS Certification Program. This intensive training is your gateway to not only understanding but mastering the SORA framework for seamless SFOC approvals.

  • Simplify your BVLOS Journey

    Let our expertise streamline your initial BVLOS SFOC application, a complex process made simpler through our guided approach. We'll help you navigate through the maze of documentation and risk mitigation, fulfilling Transport Canada's stringent requirements for BVLOS operations.

  • Navigating U.S. Airspace Requirements

    Get specialized insights into the nuances of U.S. BVLOS waivers, where operational permissions hinge on adherence to distinct documentation practices. Our program prepares you to traverse these differences with ease, making your application stand out.

  • Continuous Learning and Support Network

    At InfinitDrones, we understand that the BVLOS landscape is continually evolving, with new technologies and regulations emerging regularly. That's why we offer ongoing education and a robust support network post-certification.

Embracing Global Safety Standards

Dive into the core of BVLOS safety with our curriculum shaped around the SORA methodology, an international benchmark set by JARUS. Our program prepares you to integrate SORA's critical components into your waiver applications, ensuring alignment with CAA's stringent safety evaluations.

Advanced Scenario Analysis: Preparing for Real-World Operations

Our BVLOS Certification extends beyond theoretical knowledge and controlled practice by immersing you in Advanced Scenario Analysis. This critical component of our training involves engaging in real-world simulations that challenge you to apply your SORA knowledge and BVLOS skills in dynamic and complex environments.

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