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Comprehensive Training for Advanced Drone Operations and Safety Compliance

Participants are trained in operational techniques, safety protocols, and regulatory compliance, ensuring proficient use of these sophisticated unmanned aerial systems.

Through these certification programs, operators gain in-depth knowledge of the drones' advanced features, flight operations, maintenance, safety measures, and adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring efficient and responsible use of these powerful aerial platforms

  • Autel-Certification - InfinitDrones Corp.

    Autel Certification

    The Autel Certification program equips drone operators with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use Autel Robotics drones, including the advanced EVO Enterprise series and the versatile Dragonfish.

  • Public-Safety - InfinitDrones Corp.

    DJI Matrice Certification

    The DJI Matrice Certification program provides comprehensive training for pilots in operating DJI's Matrice drone series, known for their industrial-grade capabilities.

  • dji-agras-t10-drone-ready-to-fly-spray-bundle-cpag0000042101-574093_1600x_310bf309-df02-43d3-bb4a-4f3b06a2d7c5 - InfinitDrones Corp.

    DJI Agras Certification

    The DJI Agras Certification program is tailored for operators of DJI's agricultural drone line, the Agras series, which is designed for precision agriculture. Navigate complex agricultural environments, and become versed in local regulations and safety practices for agricultural drone operations.

  • DJI Mavic 3 Certification

    The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise certification equips pilots with expertise in the drone's advanced features for professional applications, emphasizing safety and regulatory compliance.

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